Real Estate

Home mortgages, commercial leases, real estate transactions and other types of contracts can be hard to understand — and even harder to enforce. Unfortunately, most people try to make it through transactions involving contracts without an attorney, just to find out later that the document does not protect them as they thought. Or, worse yet, they are served with a complaint and summons.

Ms. Linder has experience in drafting buy-sell agreements, security instruments, leases, and litigating breach of fiduciary duties, unlawful detainer actions, specific performance on a contract, easements, adverse possession, quiet title and boundary disputes.

Often, parties are led to believe, or assume, a contract states what it should to protect their interests. Many of Ms. Linder’s trials have spent days arguing over the legal interpretation of one sentence or word. These trials could have been avoided with proper drafting language in the contract and/or a thorough review for all potential implications and outcomes.

Ms. Linder’s first jury trial involved a real estate transaction with several complicated documents and, unfortunately, several unethical parties. Although Ms. Linder’s client had engaged a real estate agent and broker to assist him in navigating a complex real estate transaction, and although Ms. Linder was able to assist her client in obtaining a favorable verdict in the case, it is likely that the client would never have needed to go to trial had he reached out to a competent, experienced attorney prior to entering into the transaction.

Litigation and trial can be a time-consuming, expensive experience; it’s best to obtain proper legal advice first to avoid litigation down the road.