Brenda A. Linder can assist you in reviewing or drafting contracts, or representing you in litigation when a contract dispute arises.

Home mortgages, real estate transactions and other types of contracts can be hard to understand — and even harder to enforce. Unfortunately, most people try to make it through transactions involving contracts without an attorney, just to find out later that the document does not protect them as they thought. Or, worse yet, they are served with a complaint and summons.

Litigation and trial can be a time consuming, expensive experience; it’s best to obtain proper legal advice first, to avoid litigation down the road.

After 17 years of practice Ms. Linder says, “Sadly, people could avoid most litigation cases by obtaining proper legal advice prior to signing any documents.” It is less expensive, less time-consuming and less traumatizing to have a contract reviewed prior to signing rather than after a dispute has arisen and litigation has commenced.

When disputes are unavoidable, Fresno attorney Brenda A. Linder helps her clients achieve practical, timely results.