Business Law

Brenda Linder Law provides transactional and litigation services to small businesses in the Fresno area tailored to their needs.

Large corporations retain outside firms on a monthly or yearly basis, or have entire legal departments in-house at their disposal. Today’s small business owners need an attorney who offers them personalized services, á la carte, as the need arises; an attorney who understands their “big picture” needs and  immediate concerns.

Ms. Linder’s background in her family business has provided her the ability to analyze issues with a  “business mind and a lawyer’s eye.”

Ms. Linder has served small business owners in the Valley with both transactional and litigation services She has assisted small business owners draft employee handbooks, navigate Alcohol and Beverage Control hearings, negotiating favorable outcomes, employment law litigation, wrongful termination and labor board hearings, business entity formation, buy-sell agreements security instruments, lease and contract drafting and review, best practices and handling of employee concerns and complaints.

Case Comparison, No. 1

A long-time client called the Attorney stating he was wanting to sell his local business. He and the buyer had already agreed on a price. They had both agreed to obtain legal services to draft all appropriate documents to effectuate their agreement. The seller had agreed to “carry” part of the purchase price over the course of a few years, but they had not thought about what should happen should the buyer fail to make any or all payments timely. The attorney was able to draft several contracts, which protected the seller, and set forth the rights and remedies, available to both the seller and the buyer, should that happen. Both parties are cooperatively fulfilling their duties without any dispute.

Case Comparison, No. 2

A new client telephoned the Attorney stating they had sold their small, local business two years earlier. The buyer had drafted the contracts between the parties, obtaining templates from the internet. The seller did not obtain legal services to review the contracts, and the parties had neglected to set forth any sort of security agreement to secure the amount of the purchase price the owner had agreed to carry. The buyer made one payment owing on the promissory note, and then stopped making any further payments. The buyer had continued to operate the business while denying the seller payment for the purchase price, for two years. A lawsuit was filed and the parties have been in litigation now for going on three years.

As with most business law issues, Ms. Linder strongly believes it is best to seek and obtain experienced and affordable legal advice before you end up in court.