Administrative Hearings

Brenda A. Linder has successfully represented many individuals through the administrative hearing process and court appeals .

While any sort of legal case can be daunting and intimidating, administrative hearings are each governed under different laws. Time frames, rules, recourse, protections, who will be hearing and deciding the case, and the general process can be different depending on which agency is involved.

Ms. Linder has successfully  represented clients in administrative hearings on code enforcement citations as well as social services administrative hearings. Ms. Linder has assisted her clients in the dismissal of in excess of $10 million dollars in fines unlawfully imposed from administrative hearings through appellate rulings.

Time is of The Essence

If you have received a citation or an adverse decision from an administrative agency, do not hesitate in seeking legal advice as often you will have only a few days to contest the citation or decision.