Fraud & Defamation

Brenda A. Linder has successfully assisted clients in both the prosecution of, and the defense of, defamation, fraud and other tort cases.

Common tort issues seen in civil litigation are fraud, theft of intellectual property, interference with a contract and breach of fiduciary duties.

The filing of defamation cases has increased recently. If you feel you have been defamed, or someone has served you with a complaint alleging defamation, Ms. Linder has experience in this area and can properly advise and represent you in such matters.

Professional Torts

As consumers, we often need to enlist the help of experienced professionals. Licensed professionals such as real estate brokers and agents must follow statutory rules outlining their duties to you. Sometimes, agents or brokers do not put your interests first. When that happens, it can be merely disappointing, or it can be very costly to you. If a real estate professional has caused you damage, contact a lawyer who is well-versed in real estate law and fiduciary duties.

Likewise, when a real estate deal “goes south,” even well-intentioned agents and brokers who follow the rules can end up in court. When your license is at stake, make sure you hire a competent attorney who has experience in real estate matters and litigation.